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Everything Female Bodybuilding and Fitness.

Women's Bodybuilding Resource


Supporting Amazing Female Bodybuilding Athletes.

The main focus of our web site is to celebrate and provide blanket coverage and recognition for the amazing athletes who compete in the sports of figure, fitness and women's bodybuilding within the NPC and IFBB. The team members and others featured on our site were chosen for their incredible accomplishments both inside and outside of figure and fitness.

Our FigureRX panel selects rising stars to be spotlight athletes for each state or local NPC figure show that is at least a national qualifier. Some larger regional shows may have more than one selection, while national level shows do not have spotlights because everyone already receives blanket FigureRX Magazine coverage. We occasionally select standout fitness stars and female bodybuilders as well.

Competitors are chosen for their combination of muscle, symmetry, balance, beauty, presentation, and potential for great success at the national and/or professional levels. If we do not select you, it may be because we do not know in advance that you will be competing or there may be numerous impressive competitors at your show. We are truly honored to have the opportunity to feature these amazing athletes.

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